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Say goodbye to musty, damp, wet, and mold-infested crawl spaces with the professional help of Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair! We are a crawl space company that caters to clients in and near Hopewell, VA. Our skilled team can handle any kind of job request no matter how big or small it is. So whether it’s a simple mold-removal request or a major crawl space damage repair project, we can help! Do you need crawl space structural repair? Then reach out to us! Call (804) 894-8996 now to get your cost estimate.


We cater to clients from the following areas:

  • Ashland, VA
  • Bon Air, VA
  • Chester, VA
  • Chesterfield, VA
  • Glen Allen, VA
  • Hopewell, VA
  • Mechanicsville, VA
  • Midlothian, VA
  • Petersburg, VA
  • Prince George, VA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Sandston, VA

When to Get Crawl Space Structural Repair

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When was the last time you checked your crawl space? Watch out for these signs that indicate you need crawl space repair:

  • Musty Smell: Too much moisture can make an enclosed area feel and smell damp or musty. Not only will it affect your indoor air quality, but it can also be the cause of allergy attacks.
  • Puddles of Water: One clear sign that you need crawl space repair is if you spot random puddles of water in your crawl space. Clients shouldn’t underestimate standing water because it can also serve as the home of pests and bacteria.
  • Mold Development: Make sure you check the corners of your home or business for mold and mildew. They’re not only disgusting to look at, but they can also cause different respiratory problems.

If you’re not yet sure whether you need crawl space structural repair, don’t worry! Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair will help you determine exactly what services you need to achieve a strong, clean home or business. Call (804) 894-8996!

How Much Does Crawl Space Damage Cost?

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So how much does wet crawl space repair cost in Hopewell, VA? Most of the time, the pricing of crawl space repair depends on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you need to encapsulate the room, then the rates can range anywhere from $2,000 to $16,000. Note that the prices might be cheaper if you have existing encapsulation and you only need minor repairs.

While a number of factors affect the wet crawl space repair cost, perhaps the most important one is the size of the area that needs to be repaired. Clients with a large crawl space will have to pay more for repairs than someone with a small, short one. Also, the wet crawl space repair cost varies based on the specialists you choose to work with.

Are you not sure how much to set aside for a crawl space repair? Don’t worry! Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair will provide you with a sample wet crawl space repair cost estimate to refer to. You can reach us at (804) 894-8996.

Call Our Crawl Space Company Today!

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Finding the right crawl space repair company to work with can be quite difficult. In fact, with all the brands that offer crawl space repair, it could take you days just to schedule an appointment for minor repairs. So if you don’t want to go through all that hassle, then turn to Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair! Some of the traits that set us a notch above the rest are:

  • Honesty: We will never sacrifice our integrity as a crawl space company just to make a quick buck. You can count on us to provide an honest, accurate diagnosis of what crawl space repair services you really need.
  • Skilled: Our team is backed by decades’ worth of combined industry experience. So expect nothing but the best when you hire us for crawl space repair.
  • Reliable: We know how unbearable water damage is so we try to finish the task as quickly as possible. Just give us a call and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Do you need crawl space repair? Then call us now at (804) 894-8996! We primarily serve clients in and around Hopewell, VA.


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This professional was very thorough and went above and beyond to find the source of the water causing the problems in the basement.
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