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Say goodbye to wet, musty, and damp basements and cellars with effective basement waterproofing! Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair gets rid of moisture and condensation using effective basement waterproofing methods. As a basement waterproofing company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, you can count on us to provide you with nothing but accurate, effective solutions. To learn more about our contractors  and basement water proofing services near Hopewell, VA, call (804) 894-8996. We also provide free on-site consultations and basement waterproofing cost estimates.


Need basement waterproofing? Then call us! We proudly serve the following areas:

  • Ashland, VA
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  • Chesterfield, VA
  • Glen Allen, VA
  • Hopewell, VA
  • Mechanicsville, VA
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  • Petersburg, VA
  • Prince George, VA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Sandston, VA

Basement Waterproofing Methods

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Here are some of the best basement waterproofing methods you need to know:

  • Interior Techniques: Interior basement waterproofing  keeps water from getting inside of the room. This includes using coating and sealants to prevent moisture and condensation. It’s ideal to use this if you already know where the leaks or moisture are coming from.
  • Exterior Techniques: If you’re not yet sure where the water is coming from, don’t worry! Exterior basement waterproofing methods prevent water from coming inside in the first place. Your contractors can either coat the wall from the outside or incorporate effective outside drainage solutions.
  • Drainage Techniques: Ineffective inside and outside draining is a common cause of condensation. In fact, you might even see random puddles of water inside your basement if you don’t have a proper drainage solution. Luckily, your contractors can easily resolve this by applying the correct draining systems. This technique makes sure that even if water does enter the basement, it’ll go down the drain right away.

Get expert basement waterproofing! Call Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair now so we can find out what basement waterproofing methods best suit your needs. You can reach us at (804) 894-8996.

The Cost of Basement Waterproofing

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So how much does basement waterproofing cost? The price generally depends on the area that needs treatment. On average, it costs around $3,000 to $5,000 dollars to waterproof a 1200-square-foot basement. If a homeowner with a larger basement wants to get basement waterproofing, then they’ll probably have to set aside more money.

Also, you can’t really get effective basement waterproofing if your home’s structural foundation is flimsy and damaged, right? So keep in mind that the basement waterproofing company might do some repairs which will affect the overall basement waterproofing cost.

Do you need an accurate, reliable basement waterproofing cost estimate to refer to? Then reach out to Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair! Just give us a call and we’ll provide you with a service quote and estimate. You can reach our team at (804) 894-8996.

Call on Our Basement Waterproofing Company

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Work with the best basement waterproofing company in and around Hopewell, VA: Randall’s Crawlspace, Foundation, and Structural Repair! We are experts that specialize in storm damage restoration, water mitigation, and basement waterproofing. Some of the reasons why we’re a notch above the rest are that we’re:

  • Skilled: Our founders have been providing services like basement waterproofing decades before the company was even established. This unbeatable knowledge and industry experience is what allows us to take on a wide array of structural integrity services.
  • Collaborative: What allows us to meet and exceed expectations every single time is our ability to listen and understand every client’s specific need. We’ll ask you exactly what you want to happen, suggest feasible ways to achieve your goal, and then act on them.
  • Friendly: There’s nothing worse than a rude, irritating basement waterproofing company. That’s why when we do basement waterproofing we make it a habit to smile and use polite words. Small, simple gestures like these can really improve the overall work experience.

Schedule for basement waterproofing! Clients in and around Hopewell, VA can call us at (804) 894-8996 for appointment bookings and estimates.


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